I'm Offended.


Special Sashimi by Mirim Seo

Philadelphia based artist/designer Mirim Seo sent her Special Sashimi project to me last week. For the first two or three pages, I thought “Oh, cute. A book about Sushi” … and then a few pages later, I gasped.

“Special Sashimi is about the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. The story depicted in this book is true. Each year Japan fishermen kill around 2,300 dolphins as a form of pest control, which has been accepted as tradition. And the killed dolphins end up in freezers and served sashimi in Japan. Illustrated with hand-sewing and watercolor on fabric. With this book, I hope to spread the true and help stop the senseless killing of the Taiji dolphins.”

If you’re interested to learn more, please visit this project on Mirim’s site. (Quote from the Jealous Curator)


Ábécés könyv (Hungarian Alphabet Book) by Anna Kövecses

Hungarian-born, Cyprus based illustrator Anna Kövecses, made this for her four year old daughter Rebeka. Here is Anna’s description:

 “This book is the result of a very personal project aiming to introduce a little girl to the 44 letters of the Hungarian alphabet. Illustrations were carefully designed so that every subject that appears in this book is something she’s currently very much interested in. So in one way this book is not just a tool but also a diary documenting a four-year-old little girl’s world in the summer of 2013 on an island in the Mediterranean Sea…” 

(Source: thejealouscurator.com)